PTO Stirrer

This is a tractor PTO driven 3 point mounted effluent pond stirrer, used to stir the pond prior to emptying.

It has a multi-directional agitator, not a propeller, which minimizes bank scouring and tangling with any rubbish in the pond. It saves considerable time when loading and spreading and ensures even consistency with spreading effluent.

  • 6.5 metres long
  • 600mm x 300mm Multi Directional Agitator (not a Propellor)
  • Totally sealed taper roller bearings
  • Bearings run in oil
  • 4 heavy neoprene seals running on a stainless shaft
  • Adjustable heavy duty ratchet top-link
  • Heavy duty drive shaft
  • Road wheels that swing out of the way when stirring
  • Safety clutch available

PTO Stirrer