PTO Stirrer

With its powerful stirring blades, the MTXH L sets the contents of slurry lagoons of up to 6,000 m³ in motion and homogenises them in no time - without requiring much power.

No matter whether it is thin liquid slurry with solids, lumps, sinking layers or thick floating layers: cutting edges on the stirring blades ensure effective cutting of even long-fibre components without requiring much power.

Maximum mixing and thrust power is achieved with a relatively low power requirement.

  • Low power requirement with high stirring effect and thrust force
  • User-friendly, even in one-man operation
  • Sturdy, extremely strong lifting frame
  • High load capacity despite of low dead weight
  • Optimal for applications with solids content
  • Available in lengths from 7 to 10 metres
  • Special hydraulic design for optimal flow
  • Stable framework

PTO Stirrer