Greenback Magnum


The new Williams GB Magnum travelling Raingun/irrigator is the first of its kind.... The patented design combines the performance of a static rain gun with the reliability of our GreenBack travelling irrigator to create an Irrigator that we believe surpasses all competing forms of effluent irrigation equipment. With a wetted width more than twice as wide as a traditional travelling irrigator, offering application rates and depths competitive with sprinkler systems, the Magnum is the obvious answer to your MooPoo problem.

Up until now, the only way effluent could be applied at application rates below 10mm/hour is with the use of static sprinklers or moveable pods. The problem with this is up to 19 shifts are required to cover a paddock 150 x 250 metres. With the Williams GB Magnum, the same sized paddock can be covered evenly with only 2 shifts.

When fitted with a Williams Auto Shut-off valve and/or a GPS system, over application of effluent is practically impossible. With a pod system, if the pods are not shifted before each pump cycle, the pods will continue to irrigate the same areas until they are moved.

Why spend 10 s of thousands of dollars on an expensive solid separation system creating more labour requirements when you can irrigate your effluent in a single nutrient rich state. Because the GB Magnum is utilising nozzles with diameters greater than 13mm, A Williams inline filter is the only form of filtration your system will require. This is particularly important if irrigating straight from a sump scenario.


  • Proven simple design
  • Application depths of 3mm - 25mm and rates below 10mm per hour
  • Wetted widths from 45m 90m
  • 5 travel speeds
  • Sime Synkro effluent raingun
  • Designed to suit flowrates from 5 ltr/sec 14 ltr/sec (18 m3 - 45 m3)
  • NZ patent # 603925
  • Unique gland sealing system using double lipped neoprene seals
  • 5mm Galv or S/S wire rope with lengths of 250, 300 and 400m

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Greenback Magnum