Effluent Pumps


Progressive Cavity Pump

Reid & Harrison is pleased to announce the release of a range of progressive cavity pumps for dairy effluent, adding yet another pump option for your effluent system dependent on customer and application requirements.

A power efficient pump, resulting in lower running costs, the PC pump provides a constant flow ideal for irrigation of green water with small or processed solids.

  • Pressure: Up to 240m Head
  • Volume: Up to 55m^3 /hr
  • Temperature Range: -10 to 100 degrees C
  • Suction Lift: Up to 8.5m
  • 4kW - 30kW Power options
  • Six rotor speed options for each model
  • Construction: Cast iron, Chrome plated rotor and Natural rubber stator
  • Assembled & tested in NZ


  • Shore Mounted Solution - Maintenance made safe
  • Constant Flow - Easy to apply to any system
  • Power Efficient – Lower running costs


‘Processed’ Irrigation
Green water / small solids

Introductory ‘New Product’ Warranty:

this product comes with a 2 Year Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty*
* Contact DPS for details on Yardmaster® Standard Warranty Terms & Conditions

Progressive Cavity Pump