Press Screw Seperator

The S655 and S855 separators are the flagships of the Bauer separator fleet and have been working in all markets around the world for more than two decades.

Separation is the first step in slurry management. It is the starting point for further effective manure processing. After separation into solid and liquid media, there are many purposeful possibilities for further processing. Today, valuable bedding material or compost is produced from the separated solid matter. The liquid manure, in turn, ensures safe growth on the cropland in every vegetation phase. This replaces chemical fertiliser and saves money, protects the environment and promotes animal health.

  • High-precision components
  • Constant high throughput
  • Low wear costs through long service life
  • Simple setting
  • Low maintenance required


Proven and tested many times, the S655 and S855 separators are the ideal solution for users with medium to high slurry or waste volumes. These BAUER separators are frequently used in agriculture as well as in industry (food or pharmaceutical industry) or slaughterhouses.

Press Screw Seperator